Do I Listen To Music While Gaming?

One Of Our Community Memebers emailed me and said : “I know a lot of people who do listen to music and a lot who don’t, of course they have opposite reasons, the people who do, claim that the music helps them concentrate, the people who don’t say it distracts them. Do you? Why and why not?”

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What a common question. Well. lets talk about what it is that I do.

It really depends on what game. Some games require me to listen to my surroundings to get an idea of where the enemy might be like Rainbow Six Siege or H1Z1. I mostly listen to music while playing casual games like Minecraft or GTA.

The more that mechanics of a game become “second nature” to me then the more my brain tends to distract itself and I loose focus. If I put on really energetic music while I play something like a fast-paced, multi-player FPS then it tends to focus my conscious thought on the song which allows my subconscious instincts to take over and I do better. I second-guess and over-think things less and my reaction times improve slightly.
Otherwise I prefer in game music because, if I want to be immersed, it tends to match situations and theme better.

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