Do Most People Listen To Music While Gaming?



I used to do it a lot more in the past too, but I think thats mainly because the games I’ve been playing recently have important soundtracks that help the games in atmosphere: Hotline Miami and Fallout. For games like Halo, Sarges Heroes or the likes, I will often listen to some old cassette tapes or something, just the thing to do 😛 I normally don’t mute the games, but turn them down. Sometimes it can really add to it, and I find listening to those songs again, can bring on some nostalgia of the games I had played while listening to them before. That’s applicable to everything though.

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The more that mechanics of a game become “second nature” to me then the more my brain tends to distract itself and I loose focus. If I put on really energetic music while I play something like a fast-paced, multi-player FPS then it tends to focus my conscious thought on the song which allows my subconscious instincts to take over and I do better. I second-guess and over-think things less and my reaction times improve slightly.
Otherwise I prefer in game music because, if I want to be immersed, it tends to match situations and theme better.

Finding the perfect gaming playlist can be tough.


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